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Gunter Group Inc. is a California based boutique business strategy-consulting firm with more than 20 years of business advising and mentoring.  We focus on developing disruptive industry strategies, designing business development programs, and aligning vendors to corporate procurement practices.

01. Business Development Strategies

Gunter Group supports companies on three strategic areas of business development: new revenue streams, sales operational streamlining, and competitive advantages. 

02. Disruptive Business strategies

Gunter Group works with companies to understand and implement industry disruptive technologies that propel their business to the next level.

03. Corporate Procurement Alignment

Gunter Group advises companies on how to align their business strategies with customer’s purchasing demands


A Team Of Professionals

Madison Gunter, III MBA

Managing Partner

Featured Clients


Cetera Marketing

Marketing Agency

“As a small business owner it became apparent to me that business enhancement strategies were areas I needed help with.  I have collaborated with Gunter Group Inc. for 3 years and in that time they have worked with me on new business research, corporate contract positioning, and operational efficiencies.  Gunter Group Inc. truly has the business vision and drive for making small businesses successful.” – Dana Hali, President

Coldbrew Creative

Creative Agency

“Working with Gunter Group has helped grow my understanding of what it takes to get into corporate companies and get corporate contracts. Madison also spent time consulting and mentored us to understand these processes which lead to deal flow for our company” – Mike Lee, CEO

ICE safety Solutions

Training, Supplies, Consulting Services

The Gunter Group was instrumental in helping me develop my disruptive strategy to utilize technology towards a new business idea to scale, drive revenue and exceed customer expectations. In addition the Gunter Group team was always available to review possible challenges and give next-step advice in the areas of business development, supply chain and sales.” 

– Pam Isom, President & CEO

Jamii Technology

Technology Company

“Gunter Group team has been extremely helpful. Madison and his team have been instrumental in helping develop our company strategy, customer channels, and meeting corporate partners. We’re excited to continue working with them in the future! ”  – Danny McLane, CEO

Ruiz Strategies

Communication Strategy

“It doesn’t take long to see that Gunter Group has a keen sense of business strategy and a genuine desire to help business owners grow their enterprises. Their grasp of challenges entrepreneurs face – in particular diverse and small businesses – coupled with their insights on how technology can be a game changer make them valuable advisors in any capacity working with business owners.” – Michel Ruiz, CEO


Consulting and Staffing

“Gunter Group has a strong passion and business acumen to help and grow small businesses to be successful with larger corporations.”

– Adarsh Kaytal, CEO


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