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Gunter Group Inc. is a California based boutique business strategy-consulting firm with more than 20 years of business advising and mentoring.


What We Do

We focus on developing disruptive industry strategies, designing business development programs, and aligning vendors to corporate procurement practices.

Supplying Companies

IT Applications and Solutions

Strong Business Operations SKills

Technical and Service Marketing

industry business development professionals

Management Operations &Business Development

Disruptive Business STrategists

Service Provider Solutions Marketing

Enterprise Supplier Procurement Alignment

Solutions Marketing & Workface Supplier Diversity


What We Do

Development Strategies

 We support companies on three strategic areas of business development: new revenue streams, sales operational streamlining, and competitive advantages.

Business Strategies

We work with companies to understand and implement industry disruptive technologies that propel their business to the next level.

Procurement Alignment

We advise companies on how to align their business strategies with customer’s purchasing demands.


Trusted by Top Companies

Business & Diversity

Diversity Business Advisors

Our partnership has designed business diversity programs to support the growing intersection of business and diversity requirements.  These programs include contractual compliance, strategic business development, and mentoring programs.

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